Understanding Hematology Lab Reports


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Fri 3/25/2022; 9:30am-4:00pm
6950 Cypress Rd Suite 210
Plantation FL 33317

Dr Claire Fitch, AP1706
FL provider # 50-10886
5 CEU pending: Tracking # 20-898121
Cost: $100

This course will provide an understanding of interpreting hematology lab reports which can be used in assessing and treating patients. An introduction to blood cells, their function & production, coagulation testing, platelet function test, sedimentation rate will all be part of the course. How to interpret the test results in light of patient symptoms & examination is a great asset for any practicing acupuncturist, especially in choosing proper Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture points. Results can be used to assess efficacy of TCM treatment, especially in cases of anemia and chemotherapy/radiation patients w/low blood cell counts.


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