What is Aromatherapy?

AromatherapyAromatherapy is a therapeutic form of medicine. This form of care can be curative, preventative or developmental in nature. By making use of natural substances (essential oils) extracted from an aromatic plant, aromatherapy can be utilized for healing purposes. The essential oils are agents which stimulate every facet of the body’s total healing system, including (but not limited to) the immune system.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils (EO) are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. Unlike vegetable oils that can become oxidized and rancid over time and are not antibacterial, essential oils cannot go rancid and are powerful antimicrobials.

Essential oils function within the plant in the same way that blood functions in our bodies. Their primary ingredient is oxygen and they contain the highest levels of oxygenating molecules known to man. Oxygen is very important to us especially at the cellular level.

AromatherapyEssential oils are chemically complex, consisting of hundreds of different chemical compounds; they are highly concentrated and far more potent than herbs. They are different than vegetable oils like corn, peanut & olive oils in that they are not greasy, fatty oils and do not clog pores.

Research has shown that most viruses, fungi and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in phenols, carvacrol, thymol and terpenes. EOs have been found to be natural antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents. They are detoxifying by pushing chemicals/toxins out of the cells and restoring normal cell function and balance.

How do Essential Oils work?

Research has shown that the effect of fragrance and aromatic compounds on the sense of smell can exert strong effects on the brain, especially the hypothalamus (hormonal command center of the body) and limbic system (seat of emotions, center for reasoning & smell). Some EOs high in sesquiterpenes can dramatically increase oxygenation and activity of the brain to directly improve the function of many body systems. The ability of EOs to act on both the mind and the body is what makes them truly unique among natural therapeutic agents.

Both human blood and EOs fight infection, contain hormone-like compounds and initiate regeneration. EOs have a chemical structure similar to that found in human cells and tissues making them compatible with human protein and enabling them to be readily identified and accepted by the body.

Essential oils have a unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood & tissues. Their unique, lipid-soluble structure is very similar to that of our cell membranes. Molecules of EOs are also relatively small, enhancing their ability to easily penetrate into cells. When applied topically, EOs can travel throughout the body in a matter of minutes.

Some EOs, like clove, have the ability to decrease the viscosity (thickness) of blood to enhance circulation and immune function, vital to good health. Research indicates that when EOs are diffused, they can increase atmospheric oxygen and provide negative ion, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth. Because of their ionizing action, EOs have the ability to break down and render potentially harmful chemicals nontoxic.

In our bodies, EOs stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones and enzymes. Oils containing limonene have been shown to prevent and slow progression of cancer. Other oils, like lavender, have been shown to promote hair growth and increase the rate of wound healing. EOs also increase cellular uptake of oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphosphate- the energy molecule of our cells). European scientists have studied the ability of EOs to work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals and transporting them out of the body.

Because EOs are composed of hundreds of different chemicals, they can exert many different effects on the body. Because of their complexity, EOs do not disturb the body’s natural balance or homeostasis.

Kinetic Energy and Chemistry

The life force energy within ourselves and other living things is known as qi (pronounced ‘chi’). According to C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, ‘quantum physicists have confirmed the reality of the basic vibratory essence of life…life energy is not static; it is kinetic.’ This means it is in constant motion. Our bodies vibrate at an average electrical frequency of 62-68 Hz. Disease has been found to begin at 58 Hz, flu/colds at 57 Hz, candida overgrowth at 55 Hz, Epstein Barr virus (EBV) at 52 Hz and cancer at 42 Hz. EOs can re-establish the normal frequency of cells and the regeneration of damaged tissues. They electrically stimulate the firing in nerve axons across the synapses (spaces) between nerve cells.

Besides the power of their life force, EOs have healing benefits from their chemistry. Some oil constituents such as aldehydes found in lavender and chamomile, are calming. Eugenol found in cinnamon and clove is antiseptic and stimulating. Ketones found in lavender, hyssop, and patchouli stimulate cell regeneration and liquefy mucus. Sesquiterpenes, predominant in vetiver and sandalwood, are soothing to inflamed tissues; and have been found to go beyond the blood-brain barrier, increasing oxygen around the pineal and pituitary glands.

Phenols found in oregano and thyme oil are highly antimibcrobial. In 1985, Dr. Jean C. Lapraz said he could not find any microbe that could live in the presence of the EOs, cinnamon and oregano. This is significant as we face life-threatening, drug-resistant, viruses and bacteria. There are 150 hospitals in England prescribing EOs for treatment of such illnesses as liver insufficiency, gastrointestinal problems, thrombosis; in addition to using them as disinfectants in the hospital.

In addition, EOs are fast-acting. When applied topically, they can travel throughout the body and affect cells, including hair within 20 minutes. The effects of a single application may last for up to 5 months, yet because of their volatility, they do not accumulate in the body. Because of their chemical structure, EOs are metabolized in the cells like other nutrients.

EOs create frequencies inside the body that expand outside of it, creating a magnetic field (aura) that magnifies our already existing aura. We attract to us like energy, in other words, if we are negative in our thinking, we will attract negativity whereas if we are positive, we will attract positivity. EOs can help us to maintain a high frequency state for better mental, physical & spiritual health.

What is Raindrop Therapy?

Raindrop Therapy is a form of aromatherapy in which therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the feet and back, along the spine. The oils are applied using a Native American technique called “feather stroking”, in which the oils are dropped like falling rain and then lightly stroked into the back muscles. Applications of the oils on the feet makes use of an Oriental form of massage called Vita-Flex, similar to reflexology. Other massage techniques are used to work the oils into the tissues. These therapeutic grade essential oils are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. In addition, they bring more oxygen to the tissues and improve neurologic, endocrine and immunologic functions in the body. This technique can be used for a variety of conditions, varying the essential oils for the specific disease.

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