Energy Fields & Emotions

Emotions are aspects of our energy fields. Energy creates matter- we can see a change in an energy field before it becomes physical matter. Scientific analysis has validated the existence of our energy field- our aura. Much of our energy field is unconscious thought which carries information. Whatever we carry, positive or negative emotions, is emitted to our field and to others. Whatever we emit, we attract back to ourselves. Gaps in our energy fields are related to our toxic emotions (anger, frustration, fear, etc.) that need to be healed. “Your biography becomes your biology” (Carolyn Myss). This means that our past experiences (positive or negative) become part of our unconscious program that we carry and transmit to others. Our energy follows our thought so that our consciousness really does shape our reality. If we retain our toxic emotions, they will manifest on the physical level because we create from what we hold in our consciousness.

Our perceptions of events can create toxic emotions- it is our interpretation or the meaning that we give to it. So if we change our perception and focus our energy, we can rid ourselves of these toxic emotions. Our ‘self-talk’ creates our consciousness, our energy field because what we say to ourselves becomes our informational vibration. What we say really does matter on an energetic level. So negative thinking is the equivalent of energetic malpractice. Everything is constantly changing and although we cannot change the past, we can change our attitude/thoughts/perception/interpretation toward it. Why punish ourselves in the present for things that occurred in the long ago past.

It is through the heart that we connect with spirit, so by being in touch with our heart we can develop our divine aspect. During fetal development, the heart is the first organ to be formed- it starts beating before the brain is even formed. Research has shown that the fetal heart sends out the glial cells that start the formation and shaping of the brain. So the true seat of the mind resides in the heart. The heart has its own independent nervous system and 60-65% of the heart cells are neurons found to be exactly like those in the brain. New information that we receive is first assessed for its emotional significance by the heart and then communicated to the brain via the hypothalamus to the amygdala (our emotional switchboard)- in other words, we feel before we process regardless of what the experience is. From the amygdala, this energy crosses over into the thalamus where we perform a cognitive appraisal of the experience, giving it meaning and interpretation. This is shaped by our prior experiences. Because the heart is the strongest biological oscillator, it emits a frequency that goes far beyond what the brain emits, creating a coherent pattern that can be measured as far as 25 feet away from the body. So as we connect to the heart, the brain will synchronize with it. Those around us will connect with our heart energy and further emit the energy.

Our consciousness directs us based on our emotional experiences. We are motivated to move away from pain and toward pleasure. So if we focus on fear, we attract fear and if we focus on bliss, we will draw that toward us. Fear leads to inaction- it paralyzes us, holding us back from accomplishing more by trapping us in a narrow vision of self. We need to expand our focus to be able to create the reality that we desire, enabling us to bring divinity into physical manifestation. If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves!  We can decide to release or hold onto our emotions. Our emotions have and negative and positive polarity. In order to be fully alive, we need to be able to access both polarities of all our emotions. Avoiding situations that could cause emotional pain limits our life experiences. Our emotions ebb and flow, like the ocean waves; they are powerful and provide momentum initiating action.

Clearing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Changing an emotional pattern takes recognition and understanding of the pattern that triggers the emotion- this is the mental aspect of the pattern. It takes getting the message or learning the lesson by increasing awareness, which is the spiritual aspect. Identifying and feeling the emotion is the emotional aspect. Changing the automatic conditioned response requires accessing the cellular memory that is stored in the physical body; this is the physical aspect. A decision to change a pattern is the first step, but alone, it is not enough to shift a well-ingrained response. Once recognized, you can decide what you want to feel or experience. You change your perspective to see the situation from another point of view, enabling you to determine the way out or the best direction to take. This is what allows you to get the message or learn the lesson by increasing your awareness. The “way out” is to shift perspective- you can do this with your ‘self-talk’ to facilitate the shift. Automatic responses have a physical component, meaning the emotion is stored in the cells of the body. The physical aspect can be accessed through energetic points on the body (based on the acupuncture system) known as alarm (mu) points.

Essential oils help by accessing the limbic system of the brain, going directly to the amygdala, the seat of our emotions. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils to clear specific emotions and recorded them on the walls of certain temple healing chambers. Sesquiterpenes, found in high levels in essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood, help increase the oxygen in the limbic system of the brain which in turn, “unlocks” the DNA and allows emotional baggage to be released from cellular memory. Emotions have been found to be encoded within the DNA of the cells and passed on from generation to generation. Emotional behavior patterns have even been found to be “locked” within families. Transplant recipients report strange memories and desires further substantiating that emotions are stored in the body and encoded within the cellular DNA. Recent studies at NYU proved that the amygdala gland, which stores and releases trauma in the body, does not respond to sound or sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell. Feelings are taken in through the heart and energy centers (chakras) and then fed into the meridian (energy) system of the body which consists of energy channels that run over and throughout the body. Since each organ has a vibrational frequency (like emotions), the emotions will settle in an area with a corresponding frequency. Disease occurs when the body’s vibrational frequency drops below a certain point. Essential oils can raise the body’s frequency. Therapeutic grade essential oils are able to do this because they vibrate at a high frequency and transfer that frequency to the body.

Steps to clear emotional patterns:

  1. understand the emotional pattern- see how the same emotion presents itself in different situations and how it affects your life
  2. recognize the problem- before you find yourself in the middle of it, learn the lesson
  3. be willing and ready to change- requires a conscious shift of direction, taking effort and focused energy

changing the emotional pattern- the energy of the fixed pattern needs to be cleared out of all parts of the body; clear and reprogram the pattern in the body’s cellular memory and the memory held in the limbic system.

The most important thing in clearing is your Intention!